Apparently home data has no value

BBC reports today that the hard drive is taking on the living room. Driven by the massive increase in interest in home entertainment systems it’s not really a great surprise that this is the case. What bothers me about this? Near the end of the article, talking about failure Nick Sprittle (nice name, btw) from Seagate is quoted as saying “In any case, the loss of data from a PC is more critical than losing 100 MP3 files,” he said. “In the home the worse case scenario is that you have lost a copy of Mission Impossible”

This is exactly the attitude that hardware manufacturers shouldn’t have. Sod Mission Impossible or 100 MP3s. What about DV footage of baby’s first steps, or the photographs from your honeymoon or the encoding of Mum’s Jazz 78s? Twat. If they keep that attitude for long we’re in trouble.