Yet more undisclosed use of RFID

Officials who attended a world Internet and technology summit in Switzerland last week were unknowingly bugged

This is an interesting one… Pepik (my girlfriend’s company) has a product (called 3dCRM) that does exactly the same thing – tracks people around conference spaces. It’s a pretty obvious use for RFID when you think about it. We’ve all been to conferences or shows where you have a barcoded badge that is scanned at every turn, generally by bored students standing at every doorway. Using RFID makes this process less intrusive, lower cost and more efficient. One of the big challenges that faces anyone attempting to implement RFID solutions for people rather than things is going to be the trade off between value to the punter and the benefit to the business… Clearly in the instance above the problem is the undisclosed use and the lack of a stated policy regarding the future use of the information. That’s why we need to think carefully about each and every implementation.

Me? I’m continuing to focus on solutions that track children for their parents. No consent issues there!