Nowadays it’s rare that I think it’s actually worth writing more than a few words about a web site… Most sites nowadays are either massive and everyone knows about them (amazon, google, IMDb, BBC news, The Register, dictionary.com etc.) or are fairly trivial and of interest to a limited number of readers – not that that makes them bad sites, don’t get me wrong, just that in general I wouldn’t have lost something long term if that particular site disappeared (although people with b3ta tattoos may of course feel differently). Good examples of these are sites like b3ta, 1000words, MiniClip, that sort of site – really very good at what they do, tens of thousands of loyal regular visitors, but not directly impacting anything other than entertainment.

Not often then that I find a web site that fits into the non-trivial group that I haven’t heard of before. Let me introduce you to All Music. If you are interested in literally any type of music from the 50s to the present day it will provide you with the same detailed information about albums and artists that IMDb does for movies and actors. Since I’ve found it I really couldn’t imagine life without it. And surely that’s the definition of a good site?