Cowardly and un-American

A straight repost from bloggerheads, but it’s worth repeating and it’s worth comparing to how Bush’s advisors have asked The Met to deal with protesters during Bush’s visit on the 19th… Sheesh.

Hiding protestors in ‘Free Speech Zones’ is cowardly and un-American

. . . As president, Bush has widened his restrictions on demonstrations against his policies. Anti-Bush protesters are now relegated to what are euphemistically called Free Speech Zones. These areas are cordoned off as far as a mile away from the president and the main thoroughfares, so that Bush cannot see the demonstrators, or their signs of protest, nor hear their chants. The free speech enclosures are only for those who disagree with the administration’s current policies. Those citizens who carry pro-Bush signs are allowed to line the street where the president’s motorcade passes. . . .