Charles Kennedy is meeting George Bush

Old Charlie’s a sensible chap, so I’ve written to him. I hope he takes me seriously. I’ll let you know if he responds.

Dear Mr Kennedy

I hear you’re meeting George Bush, Jr. when he comes to London. Please please please do the world a favour and drop him when you see him. A swift knee to the groin should do it.

I know you’re a right thinking man and will take this request seriously. I guess you won’t be able to, what with all the guns they’ll be packing and the fact that you’ll have to work with him when you’re Prime Minister but please promise me you’ll consider it and take any opportunity offered.

I’ll be marching, but you get the chance to actually touch him… If nothing else, try and squeeze his hand a bit too hard when you go to shake it. Anything will do. It’s the only language people like him understand.

Thanks and good luck


Yet again inspired by Manic