More on file sharing…

Interesting article about the legalities of file sharing.

By the way, before you start having an opinion about my views, I’d like to point out that I am not a file-sharing, all-information-should-be-free, record-companies-are-a-bunch-of-bastards type person. I am in fact a fair-use type person. Every stereo in my house (geek that I am) is driven by a single icecast server that streams a different “channel” to each room. My entire CD collection is digitised (roughly 1.5 million seconds of music, if you care) and the ongoing viability of the entire system (and justification for my not inconsiderable investment) relies on me being able to rip CDs in the future.

I’ve never downloaded a track from the P2P networks that I’ve not then either deleted or gone on to purchase the CD, and I’ve only allowed other people access to my ripped files if the CD is now deleted and the music unavailable elsewhere (for example – Dr Phibes and The House of Wax Equations first and best album, Whirlpool). What matters to me is the fact that once I have bought the CD I should have the right to be able to do with it as I see fit….