Hmm.. Use of language leads to, well…

This BBC article about the grilling of Alistair Campbell shows an odd approach by the British Media and Government.

Alistair Campbell appears to be the scapegoat, if not the real culprit, for the effective forging of intelligence in order to persuade parliament to go to war. This is a major thing. 1,000,000 people marched against the war, many MPs were against the war and the UN was against the war, but on the basis of the intelligence provided to parliament it was decided that we should act. If this was false or even in any way altered then parliament was misled and the deaths of many UK and US servicemen as well as those of countless Iraqis could have been avoided.

Interesting then that even the BBC is using phrases like “Sexed Up” and “Dodgy Dossier”. Not really bringing across the gravitas of the situation, is it? By the looks of it the man may be responsible for taking his country to war on the back of fabricated evidence… That’s what they should be saying.