Broadband Britain

Hmm.. Today Alcatel announced that their research has discovered that the UK is disaffected with the Internet and that broadband providers should focus on family services to harness the “decision making power of women” and the “pester power” of children.

Not surprisingly the e-Envoy says that this is bollocks.

Personally I’ve been having a similar argument with some others in the industry – I love my broadband, but I’m a techie. I imagine that the home gateway will be the real solution to all of this – a black box that talks to your ADSL, your PVR, your games console, your MP3 enabled stereo and possibly your fridge (no seriously, look at that fridge link!). Until then it will only be people like me who can be bothered/aren’t scared to set up routers and wireless hubs and unallocated networks and so on and so on who are really going to make the most of it. My opinion, mind.

Steve Bowbrick of tackles it another way, and I agree with him too. Broadband is always on, but has few unique applications and is currently hard to use. When we can make the most of the good points and make the bad points go away, then we’ll have broadband Britain.