another porky prime cut

I used to be into a lot of bands in the 80s, and was an avid vinyl collector. I watched 24 hour party people last night (pretty good, but more of a documentary than a movie – look out for our favourite Dave Gorman as John the Postman) and was reminded of a) Factory Records (rather obviously) and b) Joy Division.

One of the things that I noticed about my Joy Division 12 inch singles (and most of my Sisters of Mercy ones as well) is that they have some variation of this is another porky prime cut scratched into the run out groove.

Turns out this is more than just a goth/punk thing. Records from the Beatles to Elvis Costello with all manner of artists in between also have this message scratched into them. It is in fact the work of one George Peckham, an engineer at the Abbey Road studios (oddly whose web site I run) who went on to form his own company and master more records for more artists than you could care to imagine. One more mystery explained by the power of google! Anyway, where’s my copy of Substance? It’s time I listened to the poet of urban decay…