10 (tech) predictions to rock your world

Wow. Gartner have made 10 predictions to (and I quote) "rock our world". They’re all reasonable OK, until you get to number 6, which says that Moore’s law will continue unabated until at least 2011, which means "Gartner projects that by 2008 the typical desktop computer will have 4 to 8 CPUs running at 40 GHz, 4 to 12 gigabytes of RAM, 1.5 terabytes of storage, and 100Gbit LAN technology". And number 1 says that "Cheap and plentiful bandwidth will catalyze a move toward more centralized networks services, using grid computing models and thin clients".

So… Let me get this right… We’ll be using 8-way 40GHz processor machines with 12GB of RAM as thin clients? Whoosh. Now that is bloatware.