Nokia brands warchalking as theft

Hum… The BBC reports today that Nokia has announced that it, too, thinks that warchalking is theft.

Clearly this is a major thing for them, but surely this is somewhat akin to Microsoft telling us that holes in their software should not be exploited. If you’re using an insecure wireless LAN it really is your lookout, in the same way as if you have a confidential phone call in the middle of a library – anyone who wants to listen can. My mate Mr White has been involved in this – he finds networks all the time (it’s part of his job). Chalking is simply pointing out where they are. Christ, in some countries they do it anyway, and EasyNet are setting it up across Brighton now, for a small monthly fee.

If you can’t secure yourself, you shouldn’t be using the technology…

(At the moment is down – he was looking for a new host a couple of weeks ago – I assume that the bad press has caused him to get kicked off)